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Black Friday at Best Buy: a Collection of Interviews

This is an example of the Black Friday ad that was used this year, for Best Buy.

Black Friday has been a time-honored tradition for many years. This is held the day after Thanksgiving. Stores, such as this Best Buy, open early with many sales for holiday shoppers.

In the past, most stores would open very early on Friday. This was usually no earlier than 4 am. With the changing times, with more demand, stores are forced to open earlier and earlier. Some even open late Thanksgiving day.

This year, Best Buy, in Rochester Hills, Mich., opened their doors for customers at midnight. This was one of the only more popular stores, which technically opened on Friday. Many stores, such as Target and Walmart, now open at 8 pm or 9 pm on Thanksgiving day.

This creates an advantage for Best Buy, over the other stores, because their customers did not have to cut their family time short. Having a store open at 8pm on Thanksgiving Day could cause some people to leave dinner early, to get in line.

In the front of the line, was a group of five men who literally had been tent camping in their spots for the past week. These five people were Nick Samokyszyn, Zackary Davis, Jordan Cartson, Alex Meier, and his brother, Raphael Meier.

Because they got there so early, they did not even know the sales. They camped out for the fun of it. They talked and did activities with each other in their tents. A couple of the people even learned how to knit.

The lines outside of stores on Black Friday tend to be long. Best Buy was no exception. By 11:30 pm, the line was wrapped to the back of the building. Even after the clock struck 12, the line still stayed the same.

There were two security guards at the Best Buy doors. The first waved people through, as he counted to 25. The second let the people in the building until the flow of people stopped. Staggering the number of people helped keep the situation organized. During the in between times, the customers who were finished, would be let out.

Once customers came out, after already being in, they were not allowed back in. To do so, they had to wait in the back of the line. This became a challenge in situations where a person was just running to the car to grab something.

Only one person was allowed back in after leaving. The security guard who allowed this got a slight glare from the other. He replied that it was the dad, whose son was inside. The son was not old enough to purchase what they needed.

Not everyone feels to need to line up, in the cold, hours before the opening. Some people, such as Michael Al-Zokeir, feel 30 to 45 minutes to be sufficient. He did not feel the need to come any earlier. He had no expectation to get one of the television deals. He just wanted to get small gifts, such as movies, for Christmas presents. After he was done shopping, he ended up with a bunch of movies. Among those, was Alien vs. Predator.

When it came to the big deals, such as HDTVs or large computer monitors, tickets were given out to the people who wanted them. These tickets guaranteed the person to buy that item. Only so many of each item was kept in stock. This was one of the reasons people stood in line so early.

Black Friday starting earlier could be a good thing for some people. Instead of getting up at 3 am and shopping all day, people are now able to get their most important shopping done the night before. People do not have to lose as much sleep as they had to before.

Of course, if people choose to shop all night and all day, the more power to them. The early bird gets the sale.

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